City Traders Imperium Review: Experience, Cons & Pros

City Traders Imperium is a London based prop firm that offers funding up to $4,000,000 with one of the fastest scaling plans!

City Traders Imperium

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City Traders Imperium Rating: 8

City Traders Imperium Features:

  • Funding up to $4,000,000
  • Revenue share between 50% and 70%
  • Simplified Rules
  • Fast scaling
  • Training for traders
  • Excellent Reputation

City Traders Imperium Trading Firm Review

City Traders Imperium Review

What is City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium was founded in 2018 by Daniel Bautista Martin and Martin Najat. City Traders Imperium offers revenue share from 50% to 70%, it is a trusted provider of forex funded program for traders.

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City Traders Imperium is a prop trading company that offers people mentoring, copy trading, managed trading accounts, and funded accounts for traders. They have 27 years of professional trading experience.

Martin Najat and Daniel Martin are listed as the company’s managing directors and professional traders. In addition, Daniel Martin mentioned that he has 20 years of professional trading experience. It is difficult to verify whether this is true or not, as he has not provided any proof of this claim.

City Traders Imperium offers traders all types of trading strategies. Trading assets are limited to gold and forex at the valuation stage, and indices are added at the portfolio manager level. You are offered access to a 70% profit share, fast funding, 1:100 leverage, up to a year to complete an evaluation, no restrictions on trading styles, and only 10% of the profits to be achieved!

City Traders Imperium Features and Highlights

✔️ Founded
🌍 Location
London, England, United Kingdom
📈 Type
Proprietary trading firm
➕ Features Forex funded trader programs
🖥️ Technology Browser-based platform
🕛 Evaluation Phase Evaluation time limit: up to 1 year
⚖️ Trading Styles Weekend & overnight trading, news trading, EA trading

City Traders Imperium Trustpilot reviews

CTI Trustpilot

Top benefits in user’s opinion:

  • The team of CTI is very supportive and prompt to help.
  • You have an option to get a higher drawdown as your account grows.
  • The evaluation is comfortable for swing traders.

CTI Trustpilot reviews

Bad benefits in user’s opinion:

  • Not so good for day traders/scalpers.

City Traders Imperium: Products, Services, and Costs

City Traders Imperium Trsders

Trade Finance Solutions

The company describes its offering as “the most profitable foreign exchange financing solution in the industry”. In addition, City Traders Imperium claims that its program offers the most powerful and flexible risk management rules and allows registered users to create their own managed accounts, worth up to $4 million.

This may sound too good to be true, but in reality, City Traders Imperium is a truly great opportunity. One of the main benefits of the program is that it offers traders a share of up to 70% of the profits.

Evaluation and direct funding opportunities

When applying for funding, traders can choose between two options: Assessment and Direct Funding.

In the first case, you need to demonstrate a consistent trading style. This means that you need to achieve continuous results over a longer period of time (at least 30 days), rather than relying on one-off trades. In this way, the program tries to eliminate the role of luck in your trading.

The share of profit in the evaluation program is 50% and you have to maintain a target account growth of 7%. You can trade gold and Forex.

Although the terms of the program are quite liberal, it is worth noting that the introductory period is much longer than the offers of other lenders, as here it can take up to a year. While this is a lot compared to what other companies offer, it doesn’t mean that you have to wait 12 months to get your money. Instead, you can get financing as long as you reach your target profit level and meet all the requirements. The extension is designed to make life easier for long-term traders, who often need a longer time frame to implement their strategies, but are often overlooked by forex financing providers.

With the Direct Funding program, you can skip the assessment period and receive funding from day one. If you receive funding and become a portfolio manager, you can trade in a less stable situation, even up to 2 months without any activity.

Profit-sharing under the program is between 60% and 70%, and the account growth target is 10%. You can trade gold, Forex, and indices.

City Traders Imperium Funding Programs

City Traders Imperium funding programs

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With three City Traders Imperium account options, new traders can choose the accounting program that suits them. Plus, with a one-year evaluation phase, new traders have plenty of time to learn from their mistakes. In addition, CTI does not automatically disqualify traders who make mistakes. Instead, trading profits are canceled and not counted when trading benchmarks are reached.

Details of the three programs funded by the City Traders Imperium Forex account:

  • $70,000 Forex Funded Account
Evaluation Account Size: $17,500
Evaluation Pass Requirement
Profit Target: $1,225
Max Loss:  5% Relative Drawdown
One-Time Payment: £649
  • $50,000 Forex Funded Account
Evaluation Account Size: $12,500
Evaluation Pass Requirement
Profit Target: $875
Max Loss:  5% Relative Drawdown
One-Time Payment: £449
  • $40,000 Forex Funded Account
Evaluation Account Size: $10,000
Evaluation Pass Requirement
Profit Target: $700
Max Loss:  5% Relative Drawdown
One-Time Payment: £379
  • $20,000 Forex Funded Account
Evaluation Account Size: $5,000
Evaluation Pass Requirement
Profit Target: $350
Max Loss:  5% Relative Drawdown
One-Time Payment: £199
  • $10,000 Forex Funded Account
Evaluation Account Size: $2,500
Evaluation Pass Requirement
Profit Target: $175
Max Loss:  5% Relative Drawdown
One-Time Payment: £109

City Traders Imperium Fees

The fees charged by City Traders Imperium are reasonable and well below those charged by other proprietary firms in the industry. In addition, City Traders Imperium Funded Account fees are only one-time fees, instead of the recurring monthly fees charged by other players in the industry:

  • $20,000 CTI Forex Funded Account fees: £200 (one-time payment).
  • $50,000 CTI Forex Funded Account fees: £400 (one-time payment).
  • $70,000 CTI Forex Funded Account fees: £550 (one-time payment).

CTI successful traders are offered ongoing training and mentoring, fairly relaxed but ethical trading rules, and a plan to scale up to $2,000,000.

Rules of City Traders Imperium

  • There must be 45 trades in total.
  • The maximum drawdown is 4%.
  • Multiple trades on one currency pair are considered one trade.
  • The period of evaluation is 1 year (this is quite generous).
  • You cannot use copy trading.
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Program scaling plans

The Company can offer an optional 6% absolute drawdown for our evaluator traders when they become portfolio managers. This option is only available to you after you pass the evaluation phase.

Different scaling plans depending on the account’s size:

  • $17,500 Scaling Plan
  • $12,500 Scaling Plan
  • $10,000 Scaling Plan
  • $5,000 Scaling Plan
  • $2,500 Scaling Plan

$17,500 Scaling Plan

City Traders Imperium 17 500 USD scaling plan

$10,000 Scaling Plan

City Traders Imperium 10 000 USD scaling plan

$2,500 Scaling Plan

City Traders Imperium 2 500 USD scaling plan

Trading platforms

City Traders Imperium does not mention which brokers they cooperate with. But you can find information that City Traders Imperium provides MT4 software for download and can manage trades directly from a trader’s MT4 account.

You need to be able to manage professional brokerage equipment. To have direct admin access to a trading account, where you can freeze funds, limit the trading and perform any other actions. The company does not confirm this, though.

Having information about which brokers they work with would be a positive thing for City Traders Imperium Ltd if they are not a broker in this situation. In addition to this, City Traders Imperium also offers partnerships with companies that want a white label solution to fund trading accounts.

Since the sales page states that this company offers brokerage services, there is a question about its regulatory status. Since City Traders Imperium is based in the UK, they should probably be regulated by the FCA, since that is the main financial regulator of brokers in that jurisdiction.

Also, the company’s claim of unrestricted accounts is too good to be true. Having such accounts ensures that each trader exceeds the maximum amount, which would unequivocally lead them to disqualification.

Education and coaching plan

City Traders Imperium Education and coaching plan

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The service is for all users who want to join an online community of over 2000 professional traders.

It provides a virtual trading platform that will help you become consistently profitable.

When you sign up, you will have access to over 50 hours of training material on motivation, psychology, creating and following a trading plan, and practical trading ideas. More importantly, you get free 1-on-1 advice from trading professionals with decades of experience.

The City Traders Empire team claims that participating in the Mastermind program will help you reduce the time it takes to become a professional trader from 5 years to 1 year. They also claim that many platform users have successfully completed their trading courses and financial ventures within just six months of joining the Mastermind program.

The group accepts only 15% of applicants each month based on eligibility criteria. If you decide to apply for the program, you will be required to attend a 30-minute initial interview. Think of this as an interview to get to know you and assess whether you meet the program’s objectives.

Features of the learning program

  • Trading Psychology Development

The Build Your Edge Course has decades’ worth of knowledge condensed into +20 hours of insightful videos and practical work. You will learn concepts, frameworks, and practices to help you overcome your psychological flaws and improve your discipline.

  • Paradigm Shifting Techniques

Members are taught and guided through an internal dialogue to discover their life purpose. This powerful technique has proven to transform failing traders into profitable traders.

  • Free Bonus: 1-1 Coaching

Insanely valuable 1H Free guidance & Coaching to set you on the straight path in trading right from the beginning.

  • Free Bonus: Weekly Fundamental Breakdowns

Every Sunday, you will receive a fundamental report, breaking down the latest news and fundamentals into easily digestible notes to help you in your trading decisions. So you never get caught off guard when it comes to news and reports releases.

  • Enhancing Performance

This course will cover the importance of being organized in your personal life and trading. You will also be given some powerful tools and tips to increase your efficiency. You will receive a complete daily routine to optimize your trading.

  • Accountability Teams

Trading is hard; nobody should have to do it alone. Having others keeping you accountable increases your success in all aspects of life, including trading.

  • Access To Senior Coaches

The City Traders Imperium coaches will offer you exclusive feedback and guidance on an ongoing basis to support your development as a funded trader.

  • Access to a Virtual Trading Floor

Making profits day in and day out, and sharing profitable trading ideas with other members to hold yourself accountable.

Consultation of Psychologist

A special feature of City Traders Imperium is that literally, anyone can book a free consultation with a trading expert. The purpose of the consultation is to learn how the salesperson sees your psychological profile. They will help you determine your key personality traits and how they can affect your trading results. The goal is to help you become the best version of yourself and make trading with CTI more attractive because when you win, they win.

Pros & Cons


  • A year to pass the challenge
  • Funding up to $2,000,000
  • Relaxed rules
  • Great education for traders
  • Fast scaling system


  • Customer support too busy sometimes


City Traders Imperium stands above other funded account providers due to the flexibility of its offering, the variety of its products and services, and the personal touch that often lacks in the industry.

CTI reviews on trusted sites demonstrate an excellent rating of over 90%, and many traders consider the firm’s reputation flawless. For traders aiming for consistency while reaching for additional capital, CTI offers the chance to net 60% profits on capital and funding scaled up to $2,000,000. The opportunities for financial achievement are practically endless!


Do I pay any fees after the evaluation?

No. There are no fees whatsoever after the 1st payment at the beginning of the evaluation. Also, there are no monthly or hidden fees. They are 100% transparent in fee structure. The company only asks traders to cover the initial potential loss for their evaluation.

What happens to the lot sizes every time the funded account is upgraded?

The lot size grows to scale with the account. For example, suppose the max lot size for the evaluation phase of the $12.5K funded account is 0.75. In that case, your lot size will grow from 0.75 lots to 3 lots once you become a Portfolio Manager. Once we upgrade the account size to $85K, the lot size will also grow from 3 to 6 lots, and so on.

What is the withdrawal process when I become a Portfolio Manager?

As a PM, you need to email CTI requesting a withdrawal at the end of the month, specifying the amount you wish to withdraw and the amount you wish to leave in your account.

With every withdrawal request, CTI will also withdraw its 40% profit share.

You can make a withdrawal request once a month, during the last five days of the month, and you should allow up to 7 days to receive your withdrawal payment.

All Portfolio managers have the option to withdraw profits monthly or keep funds in as a buffer against drawdown; withdrawing will not impact the account growth of the program.

For example, suppose you passed the $12.5k evaluation and became a Portfolio Manager on the $50K fully funded account. In that case, you will have a profit target of $5,000 (10%). If, in this case, in your first month, you make a profit of $3,000 (6%), bringing the account balance to $53,000; you will have three choices:

  1. Withdraw the total amount.
  2. Withdraw a partial amount.
  3. Keep the funds in as an extra buffer against drawdown.

Suppose you request a withdrawal of your 60% profit share, which in this example is $1800. Then, CTI will also withdraw its 40% profit share ($1,200) from the funded account. Thus, the account balance will drop to $50,000, and the trader’s fixed stop-out level will remain $47,500.

However, after withdrawal, you will only have to make the remaining $2,000 (4%) to complete the profit target objective in the following time. This is because you have a target to generate $5,000 profit $ in total, and CTI will not penalize you for withdrawing as you gradually make profits.

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